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  OpticsFast.com, is the nationwide leader in the repair of any eyewear. It does not matter what brand, model or style, our company can fix it. The repair work is performed by our highly skilled lab technicians who have decades of experience repairing and replacing lenses on eyeglasses and sunglasses.

If we can't fix it, nobody can!

Eyewear Repairs



We can fix stripped or broken screws on your eyeglasses and sunglasses

Stripped screws or broken screws are a regular and common repair done to both sunglasses and eyeglasses. There there generally several different approaches of completing this type of repair work based on materials, the positioning of the leftover portion of the screw and the location of the screw. This type of job is always treated as a three step process. First, we perform the extraction of the leftover screw with a T-handle. When taking out the left over screw itís very important not to damage the area surrounding the screw as lots of times itís in a place that is fragile. A tiny screw extractor that comes in a range of sizes for screws of various diameters is used to carefully remove the leftover screw. Second, a tap is used to rethread the barrel or hinge. The threads are designed to screw backward or counter-clockwise into the screw or bolt after a pilot hole has first been drilled. and finally a new screw is applied.

Stripped screws or Broken screws are always fixable. Itís very unlikely that the damage is so bad that our experts canít resolve this repair.

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